A Complete, Easy to Understand Report.

My reports are organized and easy to follow.  They are broken down into logical sections that show you the condition of each area of your home. I provide plenty of notes so you will be able to remember the details long after the inspection is finished. My color photos will add more detail and help you understand exactly what the written description is telling you. Whenever I find an item that needs attention, I will take a digital photo to illustrate exactly what the text is referring to. The entire report is designed to inform you on the condition of all the systems and components of your home. Your Home Inspection will be an exhaustive examination that can take up to 4 hours to complete. But your report will bring it all down into a concise understandable format.

My reports are typically 15-25 pages long. They are e-mailed or faxed to you, or, if you prefer typed and printed on site. The entire report is customized and relevant to your home.

You are actually purchasing expertise and information from me. You will be pleased with the quality of your report.

David Hunter

Hunter Home Inspections, LLC.      


Email:   hunters21@earthlink.net